How many words should a child say?
Children's language abilities are formed from birth. It is expressed through crying, laughter, babbling... Each baby has its own rate of development. Some children can speak fast, some children can speak slowly. Some children talk a lot, some children talk less. So how many words should a child say? This is a fairly common question asked by parents. Parents are always worried and ask themselves the question: does my child meet the standards? Is it a speech delay
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How Many Words Can You Memorize in a Day? 
How Many Words Can You Memorize in a Day? This is a very common question, and there is no one correct answer to this question. Our brains don't have any basic "storage capacity" limits for learning. Each individual will have a different amount of storage and loading capacity. According to the survey, learning 50 words a day is very impressive. Learning each word will take about 10 seconds, but you need to practice self-discipline. Practice every day, often, always.
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Daily Word Counts by Famous Authors
Most writers write every day. Every writer sets for himself a goal, a day to write a certain amount, regardless of rain, sunshine, sadness, happiness, sickness, hunger... This is a professional habit and can also be called aspiring writer. Here are the daily word counts of some famous authors:
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How to Increase Your Essay Word Count
After you finish writing your essay, you check it and see that you still haven't reached the required word count. Don't worry, we will guide you with some useful tips that will help increase the word count of your article.
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Word Count in Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word is a word processing and editing software developed by Microsoft. Microsoft Word is loved and used by all audiences. If you are being asked to write something with a word limit, then with just a few simple steps on Word, you will easily get the results. Here, we will show you the 3 most common ways you can use the word count feature in Microsoft Word documents.
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How to Check Word Count on Google Docs
Google Docs is a free, online document editing tool provided by Google, with an interface not too different from Word. Unlike Word, in Google Docs, if you want to see how many words and words you have in your text, you need to perform a few simple steps.
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How to Stick to Your Essay Word Counts
Writing essays is one of the tasks that students are forced to perform during their studies at university. An essay cannot be presented spontaneously, it must conform to certain standards, where word count and page limits are critical. Here, we will guide and share with you ways to stick to word count in essays effectively:
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What is the meaning of Valentine's day?
Valentine's Day is a celebration of love that is observed every year on February 14th. Nowadays, Valentine's Day is considered by everyone a day to celebrate love. People often give cards, give flowers, and give sweet and meaningful gifts to the other half.
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The Meaning of Christmas
The meaning of Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, the Christ child, by most Christians. However, now Christmas has become an international and popular holiday with Christmas trees and Santa Claus. Christmas is a day for families to gather, gather together, and share the joys and sorrows of the year.
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Best proverbs on friendship in English
Friendship is a spiritual bond, built by trust, time, purity, and sincerity between two or more individuals. Friends often bond with each other because they share a common personality trait, can get along with each other, and are willing to share with each other all the joys and sorrows in life.
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